Private Alpaca Experience

If you are a group who would like to arrange your own Private Alpaca Experience so you don't have to share your visit with anyone else, this is for you!

Private Alpaca Experiences can be booked on weekdays, usually at 11am, on a mutually convenient date. We don't list dates for these so please do get in touch with any dates you have in mind and with more information about your group so we can tailor your visit.

For our Private Alpaca Experiences we walk a maximum of 13 alpacas at any time, and a minimum of 6, as they are herd animals and like to stay together, so these are aimed at groups rather than individuals. If your group is larger than 13 people, we are happy for extra people to attend, and you can take it in turns to walk an alpaca. There is a minimum charge of £400.

Your visit will include a welcome and health and safety talk, walking your alpacas for approximately 40 minutes around our dedicated alpaca walking track, followed by a meet and greet with our other on farm animals, to include the alpaca females. After a hand wash your visit will conclude with a visit to our cafe barn/shop where you can enjoy a drink and a danish pastry or cookie whilst you peruse your photos. You should allow 2 hours for your visit.

Before booking a Private Alpaca Experience, please bear the following in mind:

  • There is a minimum charge of £400 for up to 10 adults walking an alpaca each. Additional walkers are charged at £37 if walking an alpaca (max 13 alpacas) or £18 as an additional person with no alpaca (or if taking it in turns!). The maximum group size is 26.
  • Children aged 6+ may attend but must be supervised by an adult on a minimum 1:2 (adult:child) ratio to ensure adequate supervision
  • Children aged 12+ may walk an alpaca with their adult supervising
  • Children aged under 12 but 6+ may share a lead with their supervising adult but not walk the alpaca on their own. 
  • All children are expected to behave calmly and sensibly around our animals to ensure their safety and so that our animals aren't stressed
  • Visitors must be able to walk unaided. Unfortunately alpaca walks aren't suitable for wheelchairs or walking frames, although the alpacas seem to tolerate walking sticks ok, so long as the walker is capable of standing for up to an hour at a time.
  • Please leave dogs at home. 

Alpacas are generally calm, inquisitive creatures who are a pleasure to be around, but they aren't "petting" animals and are sensitive to sudden movements. The majority of visitors to our farm are adults, and whilst we welcome families, we do have a minimum age requirement of 6 to attend, and 12 to walk an alpaca. We also request that children are supervised on a 1:2 basis. This is for everyone's safety and enjoyment. 

If you were hoping to arrange a private visit that DOESN'T include walking the alpacas then please visit our Private Farm Visit page for more information.

If you would like to enquire about availability for a Private Alpaca Experience, please get in touch with Jo