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We have now listed our final alpaca walking dates up until 22nd September 2024, when we will be closing our gates to the public. Please BOOK NOW to ensure you can visit before we close.

Green slots have availability. 

If you received a Gift Voucher to walk with alpacas you can redeem your voucher here. As this is our final year we aren't selling any further vouchers.

Alpaca Sleepovers are still available to book with a minimum 2 night stay so you can enjoy a mini break with our alpacas before or after your visit, or just because you want to wake up with the best view in the world! These will continue until September

We are now actively looking for the right homes for our alpaca boys and girls. If you think you might be right for them have a read of their character descriptions and get in touch to discuss. UPDATE:All of our boys are now reserved. We still have 4 girls looking for new homes 

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Alpaca Walks: Alpaca Therapy! All visits include refreshments and cake, a treat from us to you. Because we like to share ☺️

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Private Alpaca Experience

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Alpaca Boys & Girls

Trekking/pet boys and breeding/pet females

ALL OF OUR BOYS ARE RESERVED We have provided a little character information about each of our alpacas who are looking for a new home after we close in September 2024. We are keen to group them together in numbers of 4 or 5 as they need to stay with some of their friends. They are used to being part of a big herd and find safety in numbers. If you would like to take a large group please do get in touch to discuss a rehoming price. We would prefer them to be rehomed with owners who have alpaca experience as these unusual, inquisitive creatures do need to be understood. The majority of our boys can be used for trekking, some will be rehomed as companions. Some of our girls could be bred from, some will be companions. All are registered with the British Alpaca Society and all are up to date with vaccinations, and will have been shorn (late spring), and toenail trimmed before departure. They will each come with a headcollar and lead. We can deliver if required for the cost of mileage. We will, of course, continue to be available for advice and support. These alpacas are very precious to us, many have been born here and parting with them will be hard. Our boys have been exceptionally well trained by us using Camelidynamic techniques and we have bred predominantly for character because of the important roles they have played. Some of our boys have visited care homes, attended weddings and been on film sets. Little phases them. Better trained alpacas you will not find. Our girls are very used to visitors, and after every walk we take visitors into their paddock to meet and hand feed them. Some will sit for photos. The girls are also halter trained, but haven't been used for walking. If you would like to be considered for offering any of our animals a new home, please do get in touch. We would love to stay in touch with their new owners. Scroll down to see the remaining 4 girls



Brian was born on 28th May 2013 at another farm and arrived at Abbotts View Farm in February 2017 as a 3 and a half year old. He came with his two friends Chewbacca and Alfie from a home they shared with horses. Brian is a Suri alpaca and therefore makes up about 3% of the world population of alpacas, so is quite rare! Even rarer, Brian has an extra toe on each of his front feet! Brian was halter trained when he arrived but can be a little spooky when out on a walk so he is an "occasional" part of our walking team. Has the funniest face and visitors love his quirky character. He can be tricky to catch but once haltered does walk nicely, unless he spooks! He would be great as a companion animal or occasional walker. Brian was gifted to us so we would be happy to provide him as a companion animal with a couple of our other boys for no extra cost Brian is castrated



Alfie was born on 4th June 2013 at another farm and arrived at Abbotts View Farm in February 2017 as a 3 and a half year old. He came with his two friends Chewbacca and Brian from a home they shared with horses. Alfie was halter trained after he arrived here with us and is now a strong part of our walking team. Brian (a Suri) is still with us and would make a good companion, as would Sir Keith or Sooty & Casper. As Alfie was gifted to us we would be happy for him to go to a new home with a couple of his companions for no extra charge. Alfie is castrated



Casper was our second boy born here at Abbotts View Farm on 6th June 2014. His dad is Livanti Jensen, who is still here on the farm and lives in a paddock with his best friend Limelight, along with Casper and the rest of our walking boys. Casper has always had a lovely temperament and so became one of the alpacas we would take to Care Homes to cheer up the residents, along with his pal, Arum who is sadly no longer with us. Casper is a strong member of our walking team and is often used as our herd leader. His best buddy is Sooty, so they would need to be rehomed together. Casper is castrated



Freddie was born on 11th July 2017 to mum Kattia (white) and dad Kilimanjaro (dark brown). Freddie is a lovely mid fawn colour. He was born on a wet and miserable day so was dried off then moved inside overnight with his mum to keep dry and concentrate on feeding. He was born strong and has remained so. He is a handsome big boy and he knows it! We do call him Fat Freddie though a he loves his food! Freddie is great to walk - our visitors love him. He will also happily take feed from a hand. He is a calm boy and would love to stay with his pal Freckle. Freddie is castrated



Freckle was born on 4th August, first born to Abbotts View Delilah (dark brown) and dad is our lovely Just Kilimanjaro (dark brown). Freckle is the most delightful fawn colour with a beautiful fleece. He grows lots of fleece around his cheeks and eyes so often needs a trim between shearing so he can see out! Freckle is a much loved member of our walking team and a real asset. He is friends with Freddie Freckle is castrated



Hamilton was born on Sunday 14th July 2019 to mum Abbotts View Delilah and dad Just Kilimanjaro. With dark brown parents we were expecting a dark brown cria so were very surprised that he is black! He was born on F1 day when Lewis Hamilton won, and as we were naming our cria with the letter H that year, Hamilton it had to be! He has settled well as part of the walking team and has become a firm favourite. His best buddy is Hercules.



Jay-Z is a Huacaya alpaca and was born on 13th July 2021 but arrived at Abbotts View Farm on 17th March 2022 along with his buddies, Stitch and Robbie, to join our own little youngster Julian who needed some friends. Jay-Z is mid fawn, with dark fawn patches on his side and his fleece is beautiful. Jay-Z has joined our walking team but still thinks he's the one calling the shots. A real character. He has calmed down a lot this year as a rising 3 year old. Stitch and his young buddies have undergone extensive training on the farm and at rising three, they are all doing well - although are still a bit excitable at times! They will calm as they continue to mature and as their training continues. He would need to stay with his best buddy Stitch To rehome Jay-Z we are asking £750. He has a good walking career ahead of him, we're sure. Jay-Z is enitre



Hercules was born here on 24th June 2019 to mum Abbotts View Dot (dark brown) and dad Abbotts View Barney (very light fawn). He has the most adorable character! Always so inquisitive with his face right up the camera. He took extremely well to halter training and is now well settled as part of the walking team here at Abbotts View Alpacas and is such a little cutie! Hercules has a best friend, Hamilton. Hercules is entire.



Jensen was born on 3rd August 2009 and was purchased by us in May 2012 as part of our original starter herd of 26, as a young rising 3 year old. He was one of a few that were halter trained so we were able to start working with him straight away. He was one of the first few to join our Alpaca Walking team. He is buddies with Limelight, and actually can't be separated from him so we always have to buddy them up as a pair on walks which is quite amusing! Jensen is entire as was previously used as a stud, and is registered as a breeding animal with the BAS



Julian is a Huacaya alpaca and was born here on the farm on 21st June 2021 to mum Eva and Dad Barney. He was confident and friendly from the very beginning and has been so easy to halter train. He joined our alpaca walks in summer 2022 and has gone from strength to strength. As he was the only boy born in 2021 we acquired some friends for him and they arrived in March 2022, Stitch, Jay-Z and Robbie and are always together. Julian's best friend is Robbie so they will need to be rehomed together. Julian is entire



Just Kilimanjaro was born on 25th August 2007 and came to live on our farm, kind of by accident, on the 23rd March 2013. Kili is a retired stud alpaca, and has sired 10 cria (baby alpacas) here at Abbotts View Farm Although retired now as a stud he is still a strong member of our walking team as he likes to get out with his buddies. He's quite little and is the nosiest alpaca - he "sings" Kili is entire

Robbie Williams


Robbie is a Suri alpaca and was born on 12th August 2021 but arrived here at Abbotts View Farm on 17th March 2022 along with his friends, Jay-Z and Stitch, as friends for our little boy, Julian. Robbie's fleece is stunning and when he is in full fleece he looks absolutely beautiful running across the paddock as his fleece blows in the breeze. He is still quite little, but his character is huge! So much attitude in a little body. He joined our walking team in 2022 and is doing really well. He will need to be rehomed with his friend Julian Julian and his young buddies have undergone extensive training on the farm and at rising three, they are all doing well - although are still a bit excitable at times! They will calm as they continue to mature and as their training continues and we've no doubt he has a fantastic future as a trekking boy. Robbie is entire



Livanti Limelight was one of our original herd, purchased back in April 2012. He was born on 4th September 2011, so was nearly 8 months old when we first met him, and full of character! He has ALWAYS been more like a dog than an alpaca and when people meet the alpacas for the first time and are told how to handle them/interact with them we always tell them that Limelight has his own rules! He is pretty happy to wander off with a human on his own, which is highly unusual for an alpaca – usually preferring the company of their own herd. Jensen is in love with Limelight, but we're not sure it's reciprocated! Limelight is castrated

Sir Keith


Keith was born on 20th August 2009 but came to us in May 2012 as a nearly 3 year old as part of our original herd. There is a story to his name - Sir Keith - but you'll have to rehome him to find out what it is! He's a calm boy, great to walk and easy to handle. Anyone can walk Keith - he's a solid part of the team Keith is entire



Sooty was one of our original herd, purchased back in April 2012. He was born on 21st September 2011, so was nearly 7 months old when we first met him, and full of character! He was incredibly cute and was paired to another alpaca who was equally cute. When we touched him he made a high pitched squeak which gave the pair their names: Sooty & Sweep! Sooty's best friend now is Casper and they will need to be rehomed together. Both like to lead the herd so will often be found at the front together. Herd leaders are very important because the rest won't walk unless the leader does! Sooty is castrated

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Sweep was one of our original herd, purchased back in April 2012. He was born on 10th October 2011, so was only 6 months old when we first met him, and full of character! He was incredibly cute and was paired to another alpaca who was equally cute. When we touched him he made a high pitched squeak which gave the pair their names: Sooty & Sweep! Sweep is a good calm walker, usually at the back, and great for humans who aren't quite so quick on their feet. However he does have quite knocked front knees which means we don't walk him regularly but sometimes still comes along at his own pace for a wander on occasions. He knows that we save a bit of food in the bucket for him so he doesn't have to compete with the others at feeding time. Love him We would really like Sweep to stay with some of his friends when they are rehomed and as such, there will be no charge to rehome him when purchasing others from our herd. Sweep is castrated.



Stitch arrived at Abbotts View Farm on 17th March 2022 along with his buddies Jay-Z and Robbie to join our little loan youngster, Julian. Stitch is the most wonderful spots - the first truly spotty alpaca we have owned! He was born at CS Alpacas on 9th July 2021. He truly has the most incredible two coloured, crimpy fleece, and would be a great one to show if that's your thing! Stitch and his young buddies have undergone extensive training on the farm and at rising three, they are all doing well - although are still a bit excitable at times! They will calm as they continue to mature and as their training continues. Stitch is best friends with Jay-z, and quite attached to his other buddies, Robbie and Julian. Stitch is often used as herd leader as he has quite a big character and does sometimes like to walk sideways. It just adds to his character! Stitch is entire



Delilah was born here at Abbotts View Farm on the 29th May 2015, to mum Wynne of Bozedown (a Peruvian import and matriarch!) who was dark brown and dad Livanti Hermes who was white. Delilah is a lovely chocolate colour with the most beautiful eyes. She was our 9th alpaca to be born here and our 6th female. The year she was born, she was one of 4 females, 2 of which were tragically orphaned and became bottle fed babies. Delilah, however, was a strong little thing, just like her mummy, and watched with disdain and confusion every time her peers ran over to the fence for their bottles of milk! Delilah is a mummy to Freckle and Hamilton and as a good mum, could continue to be bred from. She is currently open. Delilah will happily had feed. Delilah's rehoming fee is £600



Darcy was born on 24th June 2015 and is daughter to Livanti Lucinda and Just Kilimanjaro. She was the 11th alpaca born here and the 8th girl. She was one of 4 girls born in 2015, 2 of which were bottlefed (Dolly & Dot) and Darcy was fascinated by the bottles and used to try and muscle in. We ended up holding out a finger and she would explore that instead! She has always explored everything with her mouth, just like a toddler, and still picks things up to see how they feel. Darcy is a mum herself now to Gemma so Lucinda is a great granny. Darcy is a good mum so could continue this at a new home. She is currently open The cost to rehome Darcy is £600



Caramel is a real beauty! Daughter to Livanti Eclipse and Just Kilimanjaro she was born here on the farm on the 8th June 2014. She is a beautiful two tone colour; fawn on the top and cream underneath. She can be a bit bolshy when the food comes out and thinks she is the matriarch of the girls paddock. She isn't. That would be Kattia! Caramel has only had one cria whilst here with us - future attempts haven't been successful. The fee to rehome Caramel is £500



Dolly was born on the 4th June 2015 to mum Livanti Eclipse and dad Just Kilimanjaro. Unfortunately Dolly was orphaned at just 10 days old so became a bottle fed baby. However, she flourished, alongside her friend Dot who was also bottle fed and is now one of our favourites. Dolly is mum to Jolene.



Little Dot had a difficult start to life. She was born to Bambi, who had a troublesome pregnancy which ended with a caesarean section as she was unfit to give birth. Dot was born on the 1st of July, the hottest day of 2015! Our vet didn’t hold out much hope for her and we were standing by to receive her with towels and medication to help her breathe. But she was a little fighter! She was tiny, hence her name Dot, and weighed just under 6 kg. Dot was bottle fed but grew well and is now mum to Hercules who has the most delightful nature. Dot will happily sit down next to you in the paddock while you stroke her neck - most unusual alpaca behaviour!



Eva was born on the 27th June 2016 and is the 14th alpaca cria to be born here at Abbotts View Farm and our 11th female. Her mum is Abbotts View Cleo and her dad is Just Kilimanjaro. Eva has always been quite friendly and comes over to welcome visitors and eat from their hands! Eva is mum to Julian



Gemma was born on the 28th June 2018, first born to Abbotts View Darcy and 2nd daughter of Abbotts View Barney. She was the second cria of only 2 born in 2018, a week after Abbotts View Gromit so had a readymade playmate. Gemma was born whilst we were off the farm (which is a rarity!) so we missed her birth and came home to find her dry and feeding. Gemma is a very pretty, dainty alpaca. Gemma has not been mated here but we're sure she would make an excellent mum and introduce some colour to your herd!



Hero was born on 30th June 2019 to mum Livanti Lucinda and dad Just Kilimanjaro. Her birth was quite traumatic and we thought we would lose her, hence her name. She survived and is a little beauty with the most adorable character and heart shaped nose! She loves to stick her nose in your camera! Hero hasn't been mated here on the farm but we're sure she would go on to be a great mum



Lucinda was part of our original herd, purchased back in 2012, one of 26. Of those 26, 19 were boys so Lucinda was one of just 7 females. She was born on 25th May 2011 so was just 11 months old when she arrived. Lucinda has such a pretty face and a lovely gentle character. She has gone on to give birth to Darcy, Fiona and Hero but Hero's birth was a struggle so we made the decision to retire her. She's a wonderful mum but also a wonderful alpaca Lucinda's rehoming fee is £400



Kattia was born on the 15th September 2010 but arrived here at Abbotts View Farm as part of our starter herd in May 2012, aged 2. She had been halter trained by her previous owner so was easy to handle from the start. Kattia has always been a big girl and is definitely our biggest female and is even bigger than many of the boys here at the farm! We call her KitKat. She is mum Freddie. Kattia has a sensitivity to midges so we apply barrier cream through the spring and early summer to her face and tops of her front legs. She would need to go to a home who were happy to continue looking after her in this way, although she may not be affected away from our farm, or as she ages. Some grow out of it!



Jolene was born on 9th June 2021 to mm Dolly (hence her name!) and dad Barney. She is a lovely light fawn and was the most beautiful cria! She was always quite nervous as a youngster although has improved with gentle handling. She is now old enough to be mated or could be kept as a pet along with some of our other girls.

We are James, Jo, Amy, Jess and Rosie and we share our family run farm of 22.5 acres in the beautiful Buckinghamshire village of Aston Abbotts with Alpacas, Greyface Dartmoor rare breed sheep, 2 kunekune pigs, 2 guinea pigs, a rabbit, khaki campbell and indian runner ducks, Buckthorn, our RSPCA rescue pony, Sapphire the miniature pony, Pepper, our cavachon dog, Poppet our Schnauzer cross and Loki our tabby cat. We are frequently visited by a barn owl or two, hares, muntjac deer, foxes and badgers.

We bought Abbotts View Farm in 2012 as 22 acres of grass, with planning permission to build a farmhouse. We completed building our Eco Farmhouse in January 2013 which is off grid so we rely on the sun's energy to provide us with electricity, heating and hot water. We have rainwater harvesters to collect the rain which supplies water to our animals and our loos and washing machine. We feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to build the house of our dreams and love being able to look out over our land and animals. It really is very beautiful and we love to share it with others.

We breed alpacas for their luxurious fibre, for their inquisitive nature and as pets for sale. Once you've met and spent time with an alpaca you'll never forget them! Our aim is to raise calm, friendly animals who are a pleasure to be around. We host our ever popular Alpaca Walks but be warned, it's hard not to fall in love with these fascinating creatures! Jo teaches Needlefelting Workshops from time to time from her farmhouse kitchen. Jo has also published two books about alpacas, "And.. are alpacas REALLY scary?!" is aimed at children aged 3-7years and is a rhyming story book which perfectly demystifies alpacas! And her second book "So... what IS an alpaca?" is a photo fact book, included in all of our Gift packs and the perfect preparation for your visit. Follow the links to buy both on Amazon. Jo also mosaics, paints and handpaints jewellery, and samples of her work are available to purchase from the farm.

Julie, our wonderful volunteer, is here one day a week helping to halter train our babies. She is worth her weight in gold!

In July 2017 we opened our new luxury cattery: Abbotts View Farm Cattery

In 2018 Alex & Wes joined us to lead Alpaca Walks. They have done a fantastic job and were a real hit with customers, but sadly left us in September 2021 as they were moving away. They are sadly missed.

in 2019 Alice & Jess joined us to lead our Alpaca Walks on Sundays and they are doing a fantastic job! In 2021 Sarah & Kelly joined us to lead walks on Saturdays and have been wonderful additions to our team. Shani & Saffie joined us in 2022 to help us keep up with demand! Shani left us in 2023 and Carol joined us. Each one of our Group Leaders has a full time job, but being here at the weekends with our lovely animals just brings a smile to their faces and a spring to their step which overflows to our customers. We are very lucky to have them on board.

We are licensed with Buckinghamshire Council for the activity of keeping or training animals for exhibition. License number LC201901-32610
About Alpacas imageAbout Alpacas imageAbout Alpacas image
Alpacas are one of the camelid species, closely related to the llama. There are four species of South American camelid: Llamas (Lama glama) and Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) are domesticated and Vicuna (Vicugna vicugna) and Guanaco (Lama guanicoe) remain wild and are protected species.

All four are found mainly in Peru in the Andes, with smaller numbers in Chile and Bolivia. Alpacas were domesticated from the wild vicuna into alpaca six to seven thousand years ago. The Incas were very successful in further refining the alpaca for better fibre quality. When the Spanish invaded Peru in 1532, they destroyed the breeding programmes and the alpacas were decimated in numbers and quality in favour of sheep.

There are now thought to be about 3.5 million alpacas in South America and they are now being successfully bred in North America, Australia, Britain, New Zealand, South Africa, China and throughout Europe.

To find out more click on the links below or buy Jo's alpaca fact book "So .... what IS an alpaca?

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  • Abbotts View Alpacas
  • Abbotts View Farm, Moat Lane, Aston Abbotts, Buckinghamshire HP22 4NF Friendly reminder that when visiting the farm or cattery, the access track to our farm is a bridle path and therefore horses have priority. If you see horses on the lane please stop or slow down to allow them to pass safely. Please also be aware that there is a 10mph speed limit for this reason. Thankyou

Please note that we have a 7 day cancellation policy from which point tickets cannot be refunded or exchanged unless we are able to resell them. If you purchase ticket protection at the time of booking you can exchange your tickets due to illness or injury up to 24 hours before your booked slot

How to find us:

If you are using google maps then simply search for Abbotts View Alpacas and it will bring you to our doorstep Our postcode is HP22 4NF


Manual Directions:

  • From A418 travelling from Aylesbury towards Leighton Buzzard (5 miles from both towns) turn left sign posted Aston Abbotts and Cublington.
  • Continue into the village passing the thatched Royal Oak pub on your right, passing the bus stop and post box then take the next left at the village green sign posted "Weedon (gated road)". Keep left.
  • Pass the next 2 left hand turns (the first is The Green but there is no sign, the 2 second is Hunters Way.) You are now on Moat Lane.
  • After approx 150yds turn right into a farm track road sign posted for Norduck House and Abbotts View Farm. If you miss it you will go around a sharp bend to the left and through the gate of the gated road towards Weedon.
  • Continue down the track and Abbotts View Farm is the second right turn on your right (approx 350 yds) 
  • Beware: If you have an old garmin SatNav the post code will take you to a different Moat Lane in another village about 5 miles away!
  • From A413 Buckingham to Aylesbury road, turn signposted towards Aston Abbotts and Weedon. 
  • Follow the road, through Weedon village and out, continuing all the way through the gated road and up the hill towards Aston Abbotts. As you reach the top and the second gate the road bears right and the turn you need to take is immediately on the left. The signpost at the end says Norduck Farm and Abbbotts View Farm but isn't too visible from this direction.
  • Follow the farm track for about 350yds and take the second turning on the right into Abbotts View Farm
Abbotts View Alpacas closes its gates!