Golden Oldies Afternoon

Golden Oldies Afternoon

We are very aware of the impact that the Covid Pandemic has had on many people, but especially our older generation, many of whom will have had to isolate or shield, who may have barely left their homes for a year, and missed out on human (and animal!) contact. We would like to provide a safe, outdoor space, for them to come, to enjoy some fresh air and meet with our lovely alpacas, and our sheep, pygmy goats, kune kune pigs, free range ducks, rabbits & guinea pigs and even Buckthorn, our rescue pony, may pop along to say hi. 



What you need to know:

  • Tickets are £1 each and available now. 
  • If the dates for easing of lockdown restrictions change, we will reschedule. We will follow the latest Government Guidance relating to Covid procedures. We may be able to open the cafe for visitors to sit inside, we may not. We have hand sanitiser and hand washing facilities.
  • These events will only go ahead if the weather is right. If the forecast is wet or too hot, they will be rescheduled.
  • This event is for our older generation and their carer/partner/family members. The maximum number of tickets for each booking will be 4. We won't have space for everyone so please, don't bring your whole family. We want to enable as many oldies to attend as possible. Only bring children if absolutely necessary as we want to be able to focus on the oldies!
  • You will need to wear sensible, flat, enclosed footwear but it won't be muddy (because we have paths)
  • We will ensure that the animals are as close to the parking area as possible, so walking is minimal. We can provide chairs for those who may not be able to stand for long. Our path is stony, but well flattened so wheelchairs should be ok. 
  • The stony path may be uneven in places so please tread carefully.
  • We don't have any shade by the animals for visitors but if it's hot we can provide umbrellas. If the forecast is too hot, we will reschedule.
  • It gets windy here so wear layers and wrap up or bring a blanket for laps. Dress for the weather.
  • We have two toilets near the car parking area - one is accessible
  • We will happily provide a cup of tea/coffee and there may even be cake!
  • We wanted to provide this free of charge, but our ticket system won't allow it! So, there will be charge of £1 per ticket. A number of people have asked if they can make a donation. Of course, but it's entirely voluntary! When ordering tickets you can add a donation (although booking system calls it a Gift Box, it isn't!) of £10/£20/£30
  • If, on the day, anyone in your party isn't well, just let us know so we know not to expect you. This obviously includes any Covid symptoms!
  • Our alpaca cria (babies) are due through May and beginning of June, and it is also shearing season. So, you may see youngsters, you may see alpacas being born, you may see us panicking and calling a vet or you may see the alpacas being shorn. As these events can't be planned in advance, and shearing is entirely weather dependent, it's impossible for us to make any guarantees. We are a family run business so if the animals need us, they are our first priority! However, there are a few of us (and I'm sure we'll have a volunteer or two here as well). 
  • Please aim to arrive by 13:50 so we can all head off together to meet the animals. You can stay for 5 mins or 50 minutes, when you've had enough you can leave, if you want to stay and just sit and watch, that's fine too. But we need to have our farm back by 4:00pm!
  • Any questions, queries, concerns - just ask!