Visit You

Do you fancy some special VIP guests at your Wedding? Or perhaps you are a Care Home looking for something different to brighten your residents' day?
We have a handful of exceptionally well behaved alpacas who are well suited to outside visits (although we don't visit anywhere too noisy i.e fayres, schools, birthday parties or anywhere there will be dogs!).

For Residential Care /Nursing Homes:

We will provide feed and trays for you to feed them, if you wish and if you have an outdoor area we can bring some hurdles to create a pen. As alpacas are incredibly nosy they are happy to venture inside and are toilet trained so accidents are extremely rare! We can bring some samples of alpaca fibre which is luxuriously soft and yarn spun from our own alpacas, as well as needlefelted animals made from their fibre. We are more than happy to talk to you about our alpacas - in fact try and stop us!

We can offer visits on weekdays during term time so get in touch to discuss dates. Animal welfare is of high importance so visits are usually limited to 1 hour and we always travel with a minimum of 2 alpacas as they need a friend to feel safe.

Cost is £200 for 2 handlers and 2 alpacas and includes VAT and insurance.
Mileage maybe charged extra depending on the distance.

For Weddings:

We will bring two alpacas dressed appropriately of course for a wedding! They can mingle with your guests and are happy to pose for the camera! Depending on the time of year, alpacas may be fully fleeced or shorn (shearing usually takes place in early summer).

We will bring two alpacas with 2 handlers and are happy to bring feed (or not) as you prefer. Visits usually last about an hour - longer if our alpacas are happy but, as their welfare is our priority, if they show signs of being overwhelmed we reserve the right to give them a break!

Weekday wedding visits are charged at £200 plus mileage
Weekend wedding visits are charged at £300 plus mileage including VAT & insurance
PLEASE NOTE: For weekend weddings we require a minimum of 6 months notice as our weekend alpaca walk dates are planned and booked well in advance!