Sponsor an animal - £45


Your £45 sponsorship fee includes:

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A welcome letter with details about and a photograph of your sponsored animal
  • Jo's fact book "So.... What IS an alpaca?!"
  • An invitation to attend a "Meet and Greet" session with your animal in July , just for our sponsors! You will also meet any newly born cria (babies)
  • A slice of homemade cake and refreshments during your visit
    • (Children under the age of 14 may be accompanied by one adult)

The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, as a thank you or farewell gift!

Animal sponsorships are valid for a year and cost just £45. We have selected alpacas from our farm who have the biggest characters and the sponsorship fee really helps towards the cost of their care throughout the year.
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Scroll down to learn about the girls and boys who are currently available for sponsorship. We only have one sponsor per alpaca so you get time with your own alpaca on Sponsor's Day. Currently all of our boys and girls on here are sponsored but we still have a few who haven't made it to the page yet! Brian, Alfie, Hermes, Charlie, Kattia & Cleo so get in touch if you are interested.

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Sponsored by Carole Grimstead

Freddie - D.O.B 11th July 2017

Freddie hit the ground running and we're sure is going to be a handful. His middle name is Farquad - ask James..... He is son to Kattia and Kilimianjaro and will grow to be a strong fine boy.

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Sponsored by Abi Dancey

Kilimanjaro - D.O.B 25th August 2007

We bought Kili at an auction on 23rd March 2013 from Just Alpacas as a working stud male and he has done himself proud. He has so far produced 10 cria for us, 6 females and 4 males. He is also one of our best walker boys.

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Sponsored by Clare Hinchcliffe

Freckle - D.O.B 4th August 2017

Freckle is first born to Delilah and dad is Kilimanjaro. He is a beautiful mid fawn colour and we are excited to see his character and fleece grown.

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Sponsored by Fiona Thompson

Fiona D.O.B 18th July 2017

Fiona has a stunning fleece and is firstborn to our new stud boy Barney, and daughter to Lucinda. She is a beautiful light fawn colour now she has dried off and we have high hopes for her fleece as she grows. Fiona is a Huacaya alpaca.

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Sponsored by Jarvis & Dylan

Fran D.O.B 6th June 2017

Fran is firstborn to Coco and her dad is Kilimanjaro and she is a beautiful chocolate brown colour. She was quite little when she was born weighing just 5.2 kg but is definitely the boss of this year's cria! Fran is also a Huacaya alpaca.

Dot - D.O.B 1st July 2015

Dot was born by c/section on the hottest day of the year! Her mummy hasn't ever had anything to do with her sadly so Dot joined Dolly as a bottlefed baby and they have become best friends. She is very little and very very cute. Everyone just loves her! Dot is also a star in Jo's book "And ... are alpacas REALLY scary?!

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Sponsored by Neil & Sarah Gardiner

Dolly - D.O.B 4th June 2015

Dolly was orphaned by her mum ,Eclipse, when she was 10 days old. She took to the bottle well and many of our visitors have had the pleasure of bottle feeding her. She makes a lovely clicking sound when she's hungry and charges towards us when she sees the bottle. A real sweetheart and the star of Jo's book "And ... are alpacas REALLY scary?!

Lapwing - D.O.B 5th September 2011

Lapwing is definitely a favourite with visitors who have walked him. He is a really trustworthy safe alpaca and one of our favourites too. He loves to come out for a walk and looks after even the most timid of visitors. He is best friends with Limelight.

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Sponsored by Chris and Jane Kierstenson

Darcy - D.O.B 24th June 2015

Darcy is daughter to Lucinda and Kilimanjaro. She has always been really interested in everything, and explores everything with her mouth, just like a toddler. She was fascinated when Dolly and Dot were bottlefed and used to come and suck a finger just so she wasn't left out. Will still pick up everything just to see how it feels. Darcy is delightful!

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Sponsored by Simon Trendell

Eunice - D.O.B 25th June 2016

Eunice was born the day after the EU referendum results - hence her name! She is daughter of Kattia and Kilimanjaro and has a beautiful fawn fleece. She is best friends with Eva, born 2 days after her.