Sponsor an animal - £45


Your £45 sponsorship fee includes:

  • A sponsorship certificate
  • A welcome letter with details about and a photograph of your sponsored animal
  • Jo's fact book "So.... What IS an alpaca?!"
  • Free entry for you and a guest to our open days on Good Friday or Open Farm Sunday
  • An invitation to attend a "Meet and Greet" session with your animal in July , just for our sponsors! You will also meet any newly born cria (babies)
  • A slice of homemade cake and refreshments during your visit
    • (Children under the age of 14 may be accompanied by one adult)

The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, as a thank you or farewell gift!

Animal sponsorships are valid for a year and cost just £45. We have selected animals from our farm who have the biggest characters, from little guinea pigs, gorgeous pygmy goats ,alpacas, and Peppa Pig- all perfect to sponsor! And the sponsorship fee really helps towards the cost of their care throughout the year.

Scroll down to learn about the girls and boys who are currently available for sponsorship....

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Sponsored by Chris & Jane Kierstenson

Dot - D.O.B 1st July 2015

Dot was born by c/section on the hottest day of the year! Her mummy hasn't ever had anything to do with her sadly so Dot joined Dolly as a bottlefed baby and they have become best friends. She is very little and very very cute. Everyone just loves her! Dot is also a star in Jo's book "And ... are alpacas REALLY scary?!

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Sponsored by Nicholle O'Driscoll

Limelight - D.O.B 4th September 2011

Limelight is a real character! One of the walkers he is very amusing to walk. Sometimes he will just lie down for a bit. Or wander off in the other direction to the rest of the group. It may have something to do with the fact that he can hardly see! His fleece grows completely over his eyes and has to be trimmed regularly. Best friends with Lapwing and brother to Casper and Barney.

Lapwing - D.O.B 5th September 2011

Lapwing is definitely a favourite with visitors who have walked him. He is a really trustworthy safe alpaca and one of our favourites too. He loves to come out for a walk and looks after even the most timid of visitors. He is best friends with Limelight.

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Lucinda - D.O.B 25th May 2011

Lucinda is a lovely friendly alpaca and became a mum for the first time in 2013. She is now mum to Coco and Darcy and is hopefully expecting her 3rd cria in 2017. She is a wonderful mum and produces stunning babies, with calm temperaments, just like her.

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Peppa Pig D.O.B Unknown

Peppa pig is a rare breed Berkshire sow who came to live at Abbotts View Farm in June 2014, heavily pregnant with 14 piglets. She was thought to be about 7, making her year of birth 2007. She is very friendly and loves a good scratch. Her favourite food is strawberries! She is a real character and very good at digging!!

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Toffee - D.O.B January 2015

Toffee is a cute little guinea pig who came to live at the farm in March 2015 with her sister, Truffles. She was really timid but with gentle handling is getting braver day by day. She and her sister are happliy living with Whiskers, an adult female guinea pig, who is teaching them how to behave.