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Sponsor an animal - £45

The perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, as a thank you or farewell gift!


Animal sponsorships are valid for a year and cost just £45. We have selected alpacas from our farm who have the biggest characters and the sponsorship fee really helps towards the cost of their care throughout the year.


If you see an alpaca that you would like to sponsor who doesn't currently have a sponsor, please get in touch


Your £45 sponsorship fee includes:

  • A sponsorship certificate

  • A welcome letter with details about and a photograph of your sponsored animal

  • Jo's fact book "So.... What IS an alpaca?!"

  • An invitation to attend  a "Meet and Greet" session with your animal on Sponsors Day , just for our sponsors!

  • A slice of homemade cake and refreshments during your visit


(Children under the age of 14 may be accompanied by one adult)

Caramel D.O.B 8th June 2014


Caramel is a real beauty! Daughter to Eclipse and Kilimanjaro she was born here on the farm. She is the prettiest female (but don't tell the others!). She is a Huacaya alpaca. Caramel is painted on our lovely bone china mugs, available to buy in our shop. Caramel's first born cria, Faith only lived for 9 days. We are hopefull that Caramel will have another cria at some point as she is desperate to be a mum!

Dolly - D.O.B 4th June 2015


Dolly was orphaned by her mum ,Eclipse, when she was 10 days old. She took to the bottle well and many of our visitors had the pleasure of bottle feeding her. She made a lovely clicking sound when she was hungry and charged towards us when she saw the bottle. A real sweetheart and the star of Jo's book "And ... are alpacas REALLY scary?! Dolly is now a mum herself and has produced Gromit and Hugo

Dot - D.O.B 1st July 2015


Dot was born by c/section on the hottest day of the year! Her mummy hasn't ever had anything to do with her sadly so Dot joined Dolly as a bottlefed baby and they have become best friends. She is quite small and very very cute. Everyone just loves her! Dot is also a star in Jo's book "And ... are alpacas REALLY scary?!

Delilah - D.O.B 29th May 2015


Delilah was born here at Abbotts View Farm in 2015, daughter to Wynne of Bozedown and Livanti Hermes. She gave birth to her first cria, Freckle, in 2017 and is a very good mum. She has a very pretty face and is quite a tall girl, happy to feed from your hand. She is a lovely herd member and an excellent mum.


Arum - D.O.B 13th September 2006


Arum is one of our walker boys and anyone who has come for a walk will have seen him. Often referred to as a Martin Clunes lookalike he is a big boy, but a very gentle one. He is one of our older boys and the most experienced at walking. A gentle giant! And definitely the grandad of the herd. What he says goes! Arum is our favourite to take to Care Homes because of his delightful temperament

Limelight - D.O.B 4th September 2011


Limelight is a real character! One of the walkers he is very amusing to walk. Sometimes he will just lie down for a bit. Or wander off in the other direction to the rest of the group. It may have something to do with the fact that he can hardly see! His fleece grows completely over his eyes and has to be trimmed regularly. Best friends with Jensen and brother to Casper and Barney.

Lapwing - D.O.B 5th September 2011


Lapwing is definitely a favourite with visitors who have walked him. He is a really trustworthy safe alpaca and one of our favourites too. He loves to come out for a walk and looks after even the most timid of visitors.

Darcy - D.O.B 24th June 2015


Darcy is daughter to Lucinda and Kilimanjaro. She has always been really interested in everything, and explores everything with her mouth, just like a toddler. She was fascinated when Dolly and Dot were bottlefed and used to come and suck a finger just so she wasn't left out. She will still pick up everything just to see how it feels. Darcy is delightful! Darcy is mum to Gemma

Barney - D.O.B 6th June 2013


Barney is another favourite here on the farm and with visitors. He is the one who had the "poodle" cut in 2014 and also the one that James has taught to do tricks! He is brother to Limelight and Casper and one of our walker boys. He has a lovely soft fleece and a gentle temperament so has just been promoted to "Stud" and his firstborn, Fiona, is stunning!

Lucinda - D.O.B 25th May 2011


Lucinda is a lovely friendly alpaca and became a mum for the first time in 2013. She is now mum to Coco, Darcy, Fiona and Hero. She is a wonderful mum and produces stunning babies, with calm temperaments, just like her.

Eva - D.O.B 27th June 2016


Eva has been named after James' nana :Eva Minnie Dell, who has knitted lots of beautful items out of our alpaca yarn which are on display in our shop. Eva was the first born daughter of Cleo, and needed a little assistance with feeding to begin with as Cleo was a little reluctant. She has a lovely nature and is our cuddliest alpaca!

Sooty - D.O.B 21st September 2011


Sooty was one of our original starter herd when we bought 26 alpacas in April 2012. He was just 7 months old then and very sweet. Easy to halter train he joined our walking team from the beginning and has a calm and placid nature. His best friend is Sweep.

Sweep - D.O.B 10th October 2011


Sweep was one of our original starter herd when we bought 26 alpacas in April 2012. We named him Sweep because of the noises he makes! He has always been gentle but hasn't had the easiest life medically and we nearly lost him once. But he plods on, despite his knocked knees, and is the slowest member of our walking team, often to be found at the back!

Sponsored by Chris & Jane Kierstenson

Sponsored by Neil & Sarah Gardiner

Sponsored by Ann Trendell

Sponsored by Chris and Jane Kierstenson

Sponsored by Nichola Long


Sponsored by Sam & Isobel Wyer

 Fiona D.O.B 18th July 2017


Fiona has a stunning fleece and was firstborn to our new stud boy Barney, and daughter to Lucinda. She is a beautiful light fawn colour now and we have high hopes for her fleece as she grows. Fiona is a Huacaya alpaca.

Freddie - D.O.B 11th July 2017


Freddie hit the ground running and we're sure is going to be a handful. His middle name is Farquad - ask James..... He is son to Kattia and Kilimanjaro and has grown to be a strong fine boy. He is a regular member of our walking team

Freckle - D.O.B 4th August 2017


Freckle is first born to Delilah and dad is Kilimanjaro. He is a beautiful mid fawn colour and we are excited to see his character and fleece grown. He is a great member of our walking team

Sponsored by Clare Hinchcliffe

Sponsored by Graham Howarth

Sponsored by Fiona Thompson

Sponsored by Rosie Thompson

Sponsored  by Mark Adshead

Kilimanjaro - D.O.B 25th August 2007


We bought Kili at an auction on 23rd March 2013 from Just Alpacas as a working stud male and he has done himself proud. He has so far produced 10 cria for us, 6 females and 4 males. He is also one of our best walker boys. Kili is our noisiest alpaca and does like to "sing"!


       Sponsored by Christine Knight

Sponsored by Tina Vaughan

Sponsored by Jack Plume

Sponsored by Gillian Wyborn

Sponsored by Alison Sharpe


Casper - D.O.B 6th June 2014


Casper was our 2nd boy born here on the farm and is brother to Limelight and Barney. So far, Casper has been the easiest to halter train out of all of our alpacas. He took to it like a duck to water! He is a calm and friendly boy and always very popular on our alpaca walks. He has also been used on film on more than one occasion! A true star in every way.

Sponsored by Sarah Hewitt

Sponsored by Amy Wilson

Sponsored by Madeline Thirtle

Sir Keith D.O.B 20th August 2009


Keith came to us in May 2012 as a nearly 3 year old as part of our original herd. Sir Keith is a Huacaya alpaca. He wasn't halter trained but with gentle training has now become a regular member of our walking team with his calm and gentle nature.


Chewbacca - D.O.B 26th May 2013


Chewie arrived at Abbotts View Farm in February 2017 as a 3 and a half year old. He came with his two friends Brian and Alfie Chewie was unhalter trained and weighing in at 80kgs that proved a bit of a challenge. But he is now a firm member of our walking team and is most people's favourite due to his distinctive looks. Chewie is a Suri Alpaca

Hermes- D.O.B 29th January 2007


Hermes was bought as a stud male as part of our original herd. He is a Huacaya alpaca. He is a very pretty boy and always has an eye on the ladies, despite the fact that he is now retired (but ever hopeful!!). Hermes is a strong member of our walking team and a delight to work with

Sponsored by Lauren Tipping

Alfie - D.O.B 4th June 2013


Alfie joined us in February 2017 with his friends Chewbacca and Brian, as a 3.5 year old. He wasn't halter trained when he arrived but after some calm and patient training he is now part of our regular walking team. He has a lovely nature. He is a Huacaya alpaca.

Jensen - D.O.B 3rd August 2009


Jensen is one of our original starter herd. He is a lovely boy and a regular member of our walking team. He has a firm friendship with LImelight and doesn't like to be separated from him! Jensen has visited care homes with us and is a hit with the residents there. Jensen is a Huacaya alpaca

Sponsored by Richard Moat

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Gromit - D.O.B 21st June 2018


Gromit was born on the farm on a summer's day to mum Dolly and dad Kilimanjaro. After a long winter he joined our boys in the Spring of 2019 and has been coming along for walks with the rest of the walking team. He's doing really well!


Sponsored by Ann & Simon Trendell

Brian - D.O.B 28th June 2013


Brian joined us in February 2017 with his friends Chewbacca and Alfie, as a 3.5 year old. He wasn't halter trained when he arrived but after some calm and patient training he is now. He can be a little bit spooky so we don't always walk him, but he comes along with the rest of his herd anyway. He adores the horses and always goes over to say hi. He is a Suri alpaca.


Sponsored by Fern Miller


Gemma - D.O.B 28th June 2018


Gemma was born to Mum Darcy and Dad Barney on a warm Summer's day. She is the most beautiful colour and quite a character!



Sponsored by Fran MacHardy


Cleo - D.O.B 10th June 2014


Cleo was born here on the farm to mum Kattia and Dad Hermes. She really is a sweetheart but does suffer with a skin condition which means she loses hair around her eyes and muzzle. Depending on the season, these areas will appear a different colour depending on the cream used to keep the skin soft. She is mum to Eva. We have a huge soft spot for Cleo because of her skin issues probably, but also because she is so incredibly tolerant of us handling her to treat her.

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