Open Day for Kye - Sunday 2nd September 2018

In 2016 we heard a story about a little boy named Kye who had contracted meningitis when his baby sister was just 6 days old, and after a 10 month battle he lost all four limbs. He was 8 at the time. 2 years on and Kye is a little fighter, walking to school every day on prosthetic limbs.

When we were approached for a raffle prize earlier this year we just couldn't stop thinking about him and the impact his disability must have on his life. The raffle was to raise money for a bionic arm, for Kye to grow into, and for his muscles to adapt to, in order to give him the motor skills a little boy/young man takes for granted. So, despite saying we aren't having Open Days any more...... we have decided to have an Open Day for Kye. All profits from this day will go towards funding his bionic arm.

So, please join us on:

Sunday 2nd September 2018
11:00 - 15:30

If you are unable to attend on the day but would like to donate, here is a link to his Crowdfuning page