• Yuck yuck yuck

    Wish this blooming rain would stop! The conditions at the farm are abysmal! The paddocks looked more like paddling pools today. There is soggy poo everywhere that I can't pick up with the poover cos it's too wet so once the girls are back at school tomorrow I'll be out there with my wheelbarrow! Must get a trailer for the quad but can't find a second hand one and it seems an awful waste to buy a new one when I'm just going to fill it with poo! The ponies enjoyed a nice dry bed in their field shelter today and were happily munching on our home grown hay. The girl alpacas enjoyed a good roll on the limestone floor in the barn and also were enjoying the hay. Lulu is hilarious and sticks her head through the hurdle bars to try and reach the empty buckets in case I've left any food at all. She is the most curious alpaca I've met yet!

    Yesterday was injection day for the big boys. We made the mistake of bringing them up to the barn without first moving the girls to safety (they are in the paddock next to the barn). Do you think we could shift the boys from the fence? No way! Wynne was very accommodating and sat down right next to the fence, just to tease them even more (the females sit when they are willing to mate). There was much noise, mounting one another and wrestling to get to the front and they are very determined! In the end James had to get a piece of drainpipe to steer them into the barn and once secured, we moved the girls away to safety! We won't make that mistake again. Of course, after all the shanigans we were knackered and the alpacas were all panting! Not a good way to start injections! We are quite a team when it comes to injecting now and all went very smoothly until we noticed some rather long toenails on Kuzco, who is aptly named after the spititng Llama on The Emperors New Groove! He is the only one who spits and does so only when he is really stressed, i.e having his balance thrown off by having his feet lifted. He really doesn't like it and spits every where and it STINKS! I managed to aim his head away from us but still had to wash down all the hurdles when we'd finished with him!

    By the time we'd finished with the big boys it was getting dark - how I hate the winter evenings! So the little boys will have to wait until we have some more time - we were going to do them today but they were soaked and we didn't fancy having to handle them in that state! We also need to weigh them and they will weigh a lot more wet!

    On the house front - there are not enough hours in the day and we don't have enough pairs of hands to accomplish all that needs to be done. The ground conditions are making everything more difficult and we've another delivery due tomorrow and nowhere left to put anything! James and I were shifting big rolls of insulation out of the barn and lifting them up to our new bedroom in the house today just to try and clear some space in the barn. We also need some of the hay moving in order that James can start building his store room for the batteries that have been delivered and are sitting on the drive! If anyone has a boyfriend, brother, husband, son who is at a loose end and fancies getting involved and has some muscle please get in touch asap!!

    And we had another lorry stuck in the mud on Friday. Felt really sorry for the guy because we're so fed up with it we just ignored him! In the end he wandered over and asked for some help. It's a good job we're on good terms with our local farmer as he turned up and pulled him out no bother with his monster tractor. I will be glad when the deliveries stop and the ground drains a bit!

    We were pondering today and saying that although it is really exciting building our own home we are looking forward to it all being finished so we can just enjoy the animals and our new lifestyle. It is just TOO busy at the moment and I don't even want to THINK about Christmas!


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