• Weaning the little girls

    Well today we decided that the time had come to wean Annie and Alice as Alice's mum Eclipse is just so so skinny and not gaining weight despite all the extra food we have been giving her. I really wanted to wait until the weather got a bit warmer but I think her body condition meant that we really couldn't. It's only a little early as Annie is already 6 months but Alice is only 5 and not yet eating hard food, though she does enjoy hay. It took Amy and I a while to work out where we were going to put them because we wanted both the mummy's/pregnant girls and the cria and youngstock to have access to shelters but couldn't put them in a paddocks next to the boys who are still currently entire (until next Tuesday!) as it would have driven them nuts!. We tried to move the young ones but there was lots of running around and calling for mum - not easy trying to move youngsters that are not yet halter trained! So we gave up with that idea and moved the older girls instead which was much easier, with the addition of a bucket of food for them to follow! Annie didn't seem bothered at all to be separated from her mum but Alice was a bit more upset, pacing the fence and crying. Eclipse seemed relieved to be given some fresh grass and on the advice of a friend we opened a bale of haylage which smells fantastic, to try and help Eclipse boost her weight.

    I hung around in the paddock where the young ones were (same paddock as Sapphire and Paris, the ponies) and did some poo picking and am pleased to report that all was calm and settled. Alice had a look every now and then for mum but had stopped crying so that was easier than I thought!. Let's hope it continues.

    The plan for tomorrow is to have a go at loading the boys into the trailer that another friend has very kindly let us borrow for our trip to Pets at Home at the weekend. Am hoping that's not going to be too difficult. It will be such an adventure for them.


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