• Too hot!

    Well the sun has been shining steadily for the past week and now it's too hot to do anything!! My arm is not fractured - hurrah! so it's back to business for me.

    Groundworks have continued on the farm and the floor of the barn is nearing completion now. We have opted for a crushed limestone floor, which should allow for drainage and keep flies away. A trench has been dug around the barn which quickly filled with water. The groundworkers then dug another trench the other side of the fence but hit very clayish soil so though it filled with the overflow water it didn't go anywhere! So the next plan is to dig trenches all the way to the bottom of our land and lay land drains. Drawings are finally finalised but we're still awaiting the foundation drawings and time is getting a little tight as our current planning permission expires on 13th august, which is two weeks away, Gulp.

    The water board have signed off our water pipes so hopefully they will connect them soon and we'll finally have water on site. The pv panels are being installed on the roof of the barn next week so we'll also have electricity on site which will makes things a little easier.

    The alpacas are enjoying the sunshine tho I am a little concerned at their lack of shade in these temperatures of 29 degrees. I put a gazebo up for the big boys yesterday but doubt they'll use it. The horse flies have lessened but are still about. I've worked out that if I do get bitten, putting antishan cream on straight away means I don't blow up and spend the next 48 hours swollen and hot and itchy. I can deal with that! There are a lot of normal flies buzzing around but they don't bother me cos they don't bite! However, a couple of the alpacas have tiny cracks on some old sore skin that the flies appear to be feasting on which is horrid! We've been catching them and applying Summer Fly Cream to avoid flystrike. Catching them now that we don't have the barn facility is so much harder so I'm looking forward to having that back in action!

    We were hoping that with the hot weather our hay would be cut but as it's been so wet for so long I think the farmer has a long list of clients and I don't think we're near the top! The forecast for the rest of the month is a bit hit and miss so am not sure when it's going to ever be cut!

    We met with David, our fencer, last week and have come up with some more plans to have an extra paddock made nearer to the house and some of the others divided. The paddocks they are in currently are a bit of a walk from the barn so we'll leave those to go to hay or they will become pony paddocks when we get our rescue ponies.

    The timber frame for the house will now not be delivered until the beginning of September but as we've still not sold our house we're not in any hurry! We're hoping the housing market picks up - otherwise we'll have to rent it.....

    Amy and I had a session with Liz, who we bought the alapacas from, last week, sorting through fleeces and trying to ascertain the differences between a fine fleece and a not so fine fleece. Sounds simple but it's not! She assures us we'll get better with practise! Am not sure we'll get round to doing anything with the fleece anytime soon but would really like to get some yarn spun and at least some socks made! James loves his that he got for father's day!

    And finally, we went fo visit Liz's farm last week as one of her alpacas was having a baby. We missed the birth by ten minutes but it was lovely to see the female cria take her first steps! She was just like bambi with her long legs! Absolutely adorable. We're so looking forward to meeting our new babies later next month!


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