• Thank goodness for Vets.....

    It's been a couple of weeks again since I updated and it's hard to keep track of what's happened in that time. Might be easier to summarise:

    * First fix wiring is all done

    * First fix plumbing nearly finished

    * Plasterboard is going up and downstairs is almost complete

    * Brickie has completed the first half of the house

    * Battery store and feed room nearly finished - batteries have been installed but not yet filled with acid

    * Groundworker is trying to repair the damage caused by all the trucks/cranes etc by scraping off the old type one that is now ruined and replacing it with fresh. Will be nice to have a decent driveway again.

    * Had to take dog to vet to have some teeth removed - they took out 8!!

    * Then noticed Lancelot, our 6month old mini, had a poorly eye. Bathed it for a couple of days then called the vet as it was looking worse. She was lovely! Gave him some sedative and he promptly fell asleep and started snoring - so cute! Perfomed some minor surgery on his lower eyelid where he had scraped it on something. Then had to bathe it and put eye cream in for 5 days.

    * Then Lightning, the other 6 month old, started limping. On inspection he had a hot hoof. Had to call vet again, this time on a Saturday (double call out charge!!) and he had a hoof abscess caused by all the dreadful weather and wet soggy ground conditions. So as well as treating Eclipse's skin daily and bathing lancelot's eye, we have been redressing Lightning's foot to keep it clean and dry! Vet has been out again and it is healing well but they have both had to stay in the barn for a week and are decidedly bored. James made a lovely little house in the barn out of plywood for them so they had somewhere warm and dry to hide from the weather. They were in it while he was making it!


    But, they are our babies and we love looking after them. The fresh air and exercise is doing wonders for me, both mentally and physically! The ponies are so different from the alpacas - but take much much more looking after! The alpacas generally look after themselves. They are much gentler on the land than the ponies and much less accident prone! But their differences are very endearing. We've had a few comments about how easy to handle the ponies are - especially the foals. Some of this is of course due to their breeder but we've continued that since we've had them and they are very good to work with. Little Lancelot is like a puppy who follows you around and asks for fuss. He wins everyone's heart!

    Amy is such a help at the farm and I love the days when she is free to come and help me. She is so good with the animals and gets really stuck in. She's not afraid of getting dirty which is a good job!! And we get our jobs done so much more quickly and even had time to fit in some christmas shopping yesterday!

    We've had a few problems with the solar panel system which has meant we have been without power for a few days which has been problematic when we've had workmen on site. We have a diesel generator as back up but it's expensive to run. We are the first people in the country to have this system installed so everyone is learning as they go which is a little frustrating! Once our big batteries are connected we are hoping the teething problems will have been ironed out so they don't get drained down too quickly.

    The atmosphere in the house is lovely - we have a lovely team of people who all seem to work well together and the radio playing christmas music adds to the atmosphere. As our deadline draws near we're feeling a little nervous and have no idea when we'll have time to pack up our house but we're also feeling excited. Kitchen goes in in just three weeks - that's when it'll feel real!


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