• So frustrating!

    Well I am finding it very frustrating not being able to use my left hand. It didn't hurt at all on Saturday but by Saturday evening my thumb was numb and I was concerned it was being caused by the splint so I took it off and left it off all day Sunday. The numbness didn't subside but the swelling had gone down and the bruising was turning yellow so I wasn't too concerned. However, Monday morning it started to ache inside so I put the splint back on begrudgingly! I rang the hospital to try and speak to someone about the numbness but their only advice was to return to a and e. Rang nhs direct and after a consultation they told me to go to a and e. To be fair, whenever I've rung them they've always told me to go to a and e!!! Well I wasn't concerned about restricted blood flow as the colour hadn't changed so didn't go. But by yesterday morning it was still numb and the aching in my wrist was getting worse so I did return to a and e. The nurse reassured me that the numbness isn't permanent and it is just bruised nerves. As it's only a week since the accident they didn't re-xray as it is still too early to show a fracture but I have a horrible feeling that it is - just by the ache within my wrist. From reading on the internet it appears that if it is I may be in plaster for a considerable length of time which will be such a pain! I hate being incapacitated and I am finding it so restrictive! Anyway, it could always be worse and hopefully I will be wrong and the xray will be clear......

    In the meantime, work has started on the ground works at the farm! Hurrah!! They have started removing the top soil for where the foundations will go - for which we are still awaiting the final drawings.....! They also began digging the trench along the farm access lane for our water supply, but unfortunately mangedf to cut through our neighbours pipe. Whoops! James had to shoot off and buy some connectors and the ground worker assures us that it won't leak. Here's hoping that he's right! The goundworker's assitant managed to turn the dumper truck over on the pile of top soil that they excavated too, bursting some pipes which rendered the machine useless for the remainder of the day. At least his assistant wasn't injured but it does mean he has had to hire another machine.

    Whilst we wait for the final drawings for the foundations we are hoping to get the floor of the barn sorted as with all this rain it continues to flood. The girls have to walk through it to come into the barn for their feed and they are not too keen. Apart from Wynne, who is pregnant. She kneels down in it! And then wees in it! Very strange. James keeps hoovering out the water with our paddock vaccuum as the mud is starting to really smell but another night of rain and it just refills. The plan is to dig a trench outside the barn for drainage and then to raise the inner floor of the barn. James' dad has suggested crushed limestone as a base which can be whacked to make a fairly solid floor and then watered to set. Lime helps reduce the odour of urine too so it should make the barn a nicer place to be! Really hoping that this works and looking forward to seeing it finished.

    James is still working on calculations for us to go off grid which is exciting but very scary! Today is the final day for us to order the windows in order to stay on track for our delivery date of the end of august, but with the drawings not finalised we're not sure we are going to be able to make the order. Timescales and deadlines are a bit stressful!


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