• Day two......

    So we had more heavy rain overnight making the soggy ground conditions even worse but James managed to source an all terrain forklift from our friendly farmer in preparation for today's delivery of windows. This meant the lorry didn't have to enter the farm but could be unloaded from the farm track.

    So onto the windows. Um, they are not really what we were expecting, gulp. They are beautiful, really good quality, well made with lovely handles. But they are sort of red. Not really the look we were going for. We checked with the manufacturer in the hope that they had done them wrong but it appears that they are what we ordered - though how "teak" can ever be interpreted as "a sort of reddish brown colour more like mahogany" I will never know. They will look lovely on the outside against the reddish brick but inside everything is oak and they're, not. So we're having to have a think about how to deal with that - the current plan is either to paint them cream or strip them back to wood and restain the inside with an oak stain. A disappointment which will cost us more money but we'll deal with it. Anyone who comes to visit, please make a point of mentioning how beautiful the windows are and how wonderfully they offset the building :-)).

    And then the cills arrived. We are going with stone cills - and ordered a colour called buff, which is a yellowish browny sandy colour. The cills that arrived are almost white. Not a good look under our reddish windows! Fortunately this is the manufacturers fault and they have delivered the wrong colour but now we have a race to get the right ones in time for the bricklayer in a couple of weeks.

    It's a good job I'm not supposed to be taking it easy this year and avoiding stress!!

    As far as the timer frame is concerned, that all seems to be going to plan thank goodness and the men are working so hard. They start at 7am and don't finish until 7pm - they don't even stop for a break, rather eating and drinking as they work. As a result of this they have completed the ground floor with internal walls and started on the upper floor. When we left at 5pm they had erected all of the upstairs external walls and floors and were making a start on the internal upstairs walls.. We climbed up the ladder and walked with trepidation around the scaffolding and into the rooms - it's so strange seeing it take form when we have studied the plans in such detail for the past 6 months.

    Our new ponies are a bit homesick I think and missing their mummies. They are only 5 months old :-(, They seem to be grazing happily but won't eat their breakfast which I am assured they have gobbled up prior to arriving at the farm. Lancelot just wants lots of fuss and cuddles which we're happy to give - but I just want to bring him home!! Paris and Sapphire had their feet trimmed today and I was nervous about hos Paris would cope as she is still jumpy, tho so much better than how she's been. Amy and James have spent time desensitising her and lifting her feet and it paid off. She was really quite good and when she did start to panic I managed to distract her with some of the little boys yummy food which she gobbled up.

    Tomorrow is a new day - we are going to sort the cills out and try and get used to the colour of the windows and doors. I'm thinking full curtains are the way forward!


    • 1. Oct 19 2012 10:02AM by Vicki Holloway

      Hi, just wanted to say I love reading your blog and keeping up to date with all your progress. I love hearing about what Will has got up to on the farm with you as well. I really cant wait to come and visit! Best of Luck :) xxx

    • 2. Oct 19 2012 11:25AM by Abbotts View Farm

      Hi Vicky - thanks for leaving a comment - think you're the first! I never know if anyone actually reads it so it's nice to receive a comment. Will is hilarious - for someone who proclaimed not to like animals he actually asks if he can come to the farm now! And he is absolutely smitten with our new little pony, Lancelot! You are welcome to come and visit - but I would wait for the mud to reside first! It's a bog at the moment!!!

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