• Day one of the timber frame erection

    Well the team responsible for erecting the timber frame made their way down from Scotland yesterday and arrived late last night to stay in the annexe of our house. They were tired but promised us that we wouldn't believe our eyes over the coming days as we see how quickly it goes up.

    We didn't sleep very well - a mixture of nerves and excitement probably, and worrying about our new ponies that we picked up yesterday as I listened to the rain pelting the bedroom window. I'm such a softy!. We awoke to wet ground but clear sky and busied ourselves getting children to school before we could make our way to the farm. At 7:30 we had a call from the team who were already at the farm to ask when the crane was arriving as the lorry was there waiting to be unloaded. We told them 8 am. It actually arrived at 9:30 so they wasted 2 hours! I arrived at the farm at 9:45 and thankfully the crane was there and everyone was busy unloading. The sky was blue despite the dreadful forecast. Then, about 10:30 the next lorry arrived, followed by the next one, and then another after that. The ground is very wet so James told each of them not to drive off the hardstanding areas and he would show them where to turn around. As he showed the first where to pull up the second decided that he would just try and turn round "quickly" and of course, he got stuck. James was not happy. He wasted an hour yesterday pulling the scaffolders out of the mud! After much digging and pulling the lorry was finally free. Hurray. Then the next one got stuck, and this one was an artic. Took about an hour to free that one, and meantime the two remaining lorries can't leave as they need to turn around where the artic is stuck. Finally got him out, and then the last one got stuck. The air was blue!! I decided I couldn't cope with anymore stress and left (having left lunch for James of course who was looking pale and exhausted by this point but still managed to be cheerful!)

    Can't helping thinking that if the frame had arrived at the beginning of September as was originally scheduled we could have avoided all this wasted time and effort as the ground was rock solid! Anyway, as far as I know they all got out. James will be exhausted tonight! and frustrated I'm sure that he achieved nothing that he set out to do.

    But at least it's started. Finally. And I'm sure we'll laugh about it tomorrow...........

    On a plus note, the new ponies are adorable and so so tiny! And really friendly. They are called Lightning and Lancelot. Saphire and Paris were very interested to see them and keen to get out of their paddock to go and say hello. The alpacas were less interested and seem to be getting used to the variety and entertainment the ponies provide.

    And we sold our house, again! We've had a flurry of viewings and second viewings in the last couple of weeks and keeping the house tidy when we're busy at the farm has been a bit of a pain so I can relax now!

    There is no chain involved which is fabulous news and they are happy to wait until the end of Jan when hopefully our farmhouse will be finished.

    Will update again tomorrow - hoping for sunshine and straightforwardness!


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