• Bother!

    Amy and I arrived at the farm enthusiastic to work with the bigger boys. The grass was still pretty wet underfoot so we thought it would be a good idea to tackle nail trimming for the first time as their nails would be nice and soft. Using the Camelidynamics priniciples of keeping them in balance we decided that the way forward was to keep their feet on the floor and trim the nails directly on the ground. It was a good plan and we practised on the younger tamer boys first and I was really pleased with how it went. Then we brought the older 8 boys down to the barn. Carl, our biggest of this bunch, was getting a bit stressed so after trimming just his front feet we decided to back of and give him some space whilst we got on with the others. It was quite hard work as I was squatting and every time they moved I had to shuffle forwards. Boy did my thighs ache the next day! All went well and we returned to Carl. Every time I touched his foot he lifted it so I decided I wouldn't lift his nail with my left hand as I had been doing, but would just slide the foot shears under his nail and clip. So I was on all fours, leaning through from his right side to reach his left back foot, with my left arm dangling to keep my balance when he lifted his right foot and booted me in the wrist. Ouch! My hand immediately began to swell and was hanging at a funny angle so on Amy's suggestion I shoved it in the water trough to cool down and hopefully stop the swelling. It was turning blue pretty quickly and spreading down my arm so I got my watch and rings off pronto and then made it to the caravan for a glass of coke as I was feeling a little lightheaded! Amy was great at looking after me! Once I was over the shock it didn't really hurt too much but as my hand was at a funny angle we decided that a trip to a&e was in order. As we had driven to the farm in James' car and Amy couldn't drive it we had to call him to drive Amy's car up so she could get home and he could take me to a and e. I have to say that I have absolutely seen enough of hospitals this year so wasn't too thrilled to be back again!!

    Four xrays later and there was no obvious fracture but due to the amount of swelling and bruising the nurse was concerned there may be a scaphoid fracture which apparently doesn't show on the first xrays ??!! The scaphoid is a small peanut sized bone that sits just behind the "anatomical snuffbox"! which is the dip between the bones at the base of the thumb. It's not that well supplied with blood so can take a while to heal and the nurse explained that if it was fractured and wasn't treated it wouldn't heal properly and therefore gave me a splint to wear with an appointment to return in two weeks time for another xray.

    I left relieved that there was no obvious fracture but annoyed that I couldn't drive AGAIN! Oh well, at least we got most of the toenails done!


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