• And we're in!

    Finally. After only 3 and a half months we are in our new home. I can easily say it was the most stressful move we have done yet (and we've moved a few times!). But that is all behind us, as are the 4 leaks we had in the first week, no hot water or heating and the howling winds followed by snow!

    But it's home. The roaring fire in the lounge (not just a nice-ity but a necessity to provide hot water) is so very comforting to sit in front of . But also very sleep inducing although that could also be all the fresh air and exercise we're getting (and wine!). I love love love being able to pop out and tend to the animals and then pop back home for a cuppa and a piece of cake (no farmhouse kitchen is complete without a freshly baked cake!). Amy is a star on the farm and is spending the month doing her work placement here for uni so we've been trimming toenails, pasting the girls, walking the boys and playing with the ponies!

    Our wifi has only just been installed and it's been horrible having no internet, no home phone and a very patchy mobile signal. Nice to be back in touch with the world!

    The weather for the past few days has been glorious so we've made the most of it and started training the little boys again ready for their first walks when we open. Sooty and sweep were a little bit reluctant to leave their friends but I'm sure with practice they will be great!

    Little Rosie had a friend to stay over and they spent the day out on their bikes, climbing the haystack, walking the dog and grooming the ponies. It makes my heart swell to see them out in the fresh air, and mud, doing what children should be doing at 10 and 11.

    We have had more bookings for alpaca experiences but not sure we're going to be quite ready to open in the Spring! Perhaps that was a little optimistic of me. The ground is still very muddy which makes it impossible to improve until it's dried out a bit. And we don't yet have hand washing facilities which is a must before we open. The access lane to the farm, owned by a friendly local farmer, is also full of potholes and until that's fixed we are reluctant to accept visitors. So apologies to those of you who are desperate to visit - it might be a few more weeks yet! Vouchers already bought though are valid from Easter so we will aim to have the basics in place by then.

    During our first week here we had been invited to a cheese and wine evening with some of the neighbours and despite being exhausted we made the effort and trundled down the lane to meet some of our new neighbours. It was lovely to put some faces to names and have a drink and a chinwag and find out their stories. I'm told some of the village read my blog so hello if you're reading and feel free to leave a comment or say hi!

    I will try and update more often now we're not spending our days running back and forth and up and down ladders. And will also add some pics soon!


    • 1. Feb 26 2013 6:39PM by Ian Shuttlewood

      So glad your move was successful and your settled in now.

      Looking forward to seeing you all when your open, the offer still stands if you need help with anything.

      Take care.

      Ian and Pam

    • 2. Mar 1 2013 1:01PM by birthventure

      Hi Ian and Pam - thanks for your comment. Ian, did you say you were a landscaper and if so are you involved in hard landscaping? We are wanting to start sorting out the outside and finishing the driveways and putting in some paths and patios before we open. Is that something you could offer advice on or recommend someone or do yourself? Could you give me a call if so as I don't have your number xx Jo

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